Education Industry Case Study
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Trillium College is one of Canada’s most sophisticated private colleges with 3 campuses across Ontario and a plethora of virtual programs that empower over 1,100 new students every year to take their careers to the next level. Their main goal was to increase brand awareness, lead generation campaign effectiveness, and to overall generate more student inquiries.

Enter: OneCore Media. Our main goals for Trillium College were to enhance and expand their marketing initiatives with strategically deployed multi-channel lead generation and brand awareness campaigns in order to increase lead volume and quality while keeping cost-per-lead stable at their target threshold



+64% increase in appointment show rate


+350% increase in high quality leads for all 19 programs across all locations


+367% increase in media spend to generate more opportunities

Our Approach

  • A highly targeted media buying strategy leveraging Google Search and Display, Facebook, Instagram, and Programmatic Display Networ

  • Holistically nurturing their leads and establishing strong brand awareness with an advanced multi-funnel media buying strategy

  • Generating demand through the media buying strategy to drive action among prospective students and increasing the overall conversion rates from cold traffic all the way through to enrolled studen

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