Health Industry Case Study
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Dawson Dental offers cosmetic and general dental services, with 29 clinics across Ontario.

Despite employing a digital marketing strategy for new patient acquisition, the folks at Dawson Dental suspected they could be attracting even more new patients to their clinics with a more refined approach.

Enter: One Core Media. Dawson Dental assumed they needed help with media buying and a new lead generation formula. But, following a thorough three-month CRO discovery campaign and a full marketing cycle audit, we uncovered multiple deficiencies in the marketing and sales processes that urgently needed optimization



Increased lead volume by 62% with a lower media spend


Improved lead to appointment conversions by 80% by applying marketing automation and a better lead nurturing process


Decreased Cost per Lead (CPL) by 40% by diversifying media channels


Helped increase the average new patient LTV by 4x by implementing patient re-engagement campaigns

Our Approach

Working with the client, we created a custom automated marketing and lead pipeline management system to better capture and nurture potential patients, predict future revenue, analyze sales processes, and identify weak spots and bottlenecks. We then initiated a multi-channel media approach, leveraging unused data to retarget better and capture traffic from not just the bottom of the funnel but from the medium and top of the funnel. With the new processes in place, Dawson Dental was able to:

  • Qualify and nurture more leads faster
  • Integrate marketing and sales into one tool
  • Increase conversions from leads to appointment
  • Save money by reducing manual follow-ups
  • Strengthen brand loyalty with accurate segmentation and personalization

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