Commerce Case Study
Created successful SEO, paid media, and marketing automation strategies to help a Canadian windows and doors company establish presence and increase revenue.


What started off as a small windows & doors business quickly grew to a national home brand, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors (CCWD) with offices across Canada.

When OneCore Media first began working with CCWD, they had one location, with a very traditional means of generating business. CCWD was finding it difficult to establish a presence in a highly competitive windows and doors industry.

Today CCWD is a leading national brand with 7 locations across Canada.


Unlock the power of data to better understand your audiences.
Establish trusted brand and presence with full-scale growth in new markets
Improve organic presence across Canada
Generate high quality leads for each market with specifically targeted cost per lead
Improve conversions from lead to an appointment, and the closing ratio from appointment to sale


  • Outdated website and overall creatives
  • Lack of unique value proposition
  • Lack of diversity in media buy strategy
  • No way of understanding or tracking conversions across their website
  • Lack of established online reputation
  • Very few sources of traffic
  • No set sales process and structure
  • Lack of internal systems for data tracking and analysis



Increased market share by 52% and helped expand into 6 additional locations across Canada


Improved conversion rate between leads to appointments by 44% by implementing sales and marketing automation solutions


Achieved top organic ranking in 100+ cities across Canada for competitive keywords


Updated brand identity and web optimizations resulted in improved conversation rate by 392% from traffic to leads


Improved conversion rate between leads to appointments by 44% by implementing sales and marketing automation solutions


Decreased CPL by 3x in each new region through media funnel optimizations

Our Approach

Established unique product offering and exclusive partnership with a well-known influencer in the industry to build a strong, unique value proposition and credibility to support entering new markets.

Implemented a CRM system to synchronize marketing with sales to enhance performance.

Implemented PR and reputation management to position CCWD as a true industry leader.

Mapped the customer journey and created marketing assets along with implementing media buy tactics to support and strengthen it.

Created and implemented SEO/Organic strategy to achieve top rankings in search results.

Introduced advanced TV and radio media buys.

OneCore Media is the true definition of a partner. They have been a pivotal component of our growth and expansion. As a result of their guidance, our marketing activities generate the majority of our business across all 5 locations. They continuously educate and guide us to ensure our marketing strategies are adapting to stay ahead of our industry trends. What I love most is that everything is data-driven, so I can really see the results of their efforts.

Simon Pozneris

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