The Force of Social Advertising

Although the traditional search ads have been driving traffic and sales for over a decade, social ads are increasing in popularity and long term value, specifically for those in the industry of lifestyle products. In those cases, emotion and inspiration, rather than ratings and reviews, are the keys to getting consumers to purchase.

In lifestyle categories like fashion and home d├ęcor, search ads don't play its greatest effect. In such a restricted ad format it is difficult to attract these users especially because majority don't search for the ads until they've decided what it is they want to buy.

On the contrary social ads allow marketers to be creative in order to produce visually engaging content that inspires users to click, participate and share. There are three reasons why.

Brand Justice and Free Traffic

When you buy search ads you get what you pay for: clicks. However, when you buy social ads, you're not restricted to the click you pay for, but you also receive the free impressions and the additional clicks from the users sharing your ads with their networks. Thus, an increase in brand equity and raising your overall return on ad spending is present.

When you promote a Tweet on Twitter, you get retweets and favourite for free. When you promote your Pin on Pinterest you get re-pins for free. Across both platform, the more engaging your post is, the more engagement you can create. As a result, more FREE traffic.

Social Ads Trigger Purchases

Social ads provide you with more opportunity to deliver your message, specifically on visual platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. These social networks are supreme for lifestyle products, because using content to motivate consumers is key to generating purchases.

On platforms as such, you can either promote a pin or photo of an influencer wearing your product. Across both platforms, the expanded opportunities of visual promotion allow you to showcase your brand and products in an instinctive environment that feels like magazine content.

Social Ads Drive Long-Term Engagement

Creating social ads that resonate with consumers can lead to longer term, deeper engagement as consumers become personally involved to your products. This is in contrast to search ads, as the ad is only seen by the customer before the point of purchase.

On Twitter, when you promote a tweet, it offers users to have a discussion around the post, helping it spread organically and inspiring others to join in. As with Pinterest, a promoted pin encourages users to pin it on a board. When you compare it to search ads, which only appear when you search, social advertising takes the win.

Social advertising is an effective way to engage with your consumers and deliver your message in a visual, creative and organic way.

By spending your money and time on social rather than search, your brand connects with your audience who help drive traffic and sales to your site.

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