Buying media directly from TV, radio and print channels is a challenging task and most businesses struggle to get the same value that professional media buyers can if internal marketing employees don’t specialize in this. They simply don’t have access to the same experience, knowledge and analytical tools used to develop the right strategy, target the best audiences and optimize for reach at the best prices.

At OneCore Media our goals are aligned with yours: get more value and better performance out of holistic marketing campaigns. That’s why, when it comes to offline media buying, we take care of everything from research, to audience selection, price negotiation, purchasing, and synchronizing online and offline activities for campaign enhancement.

Media sellers (TV stations, radio stations, outdoor billboard owners etc.) have different goals than buyers do. They need to manage their inventory which doesn’t always mean the best placements for you!

At OneCore we've got you covered on all angles.

Our Approach

Assessment & Goal Settings

Gain an understanding of historical campaigns, target audience and business goals

Media Audit

Review existing media buys and identify opportunities for improvements

Research & Analytics

Leverage technology solutions to algorithmically optimize campaign GRP, CPP and CPM deliveries to reaching your target group at right time and place


Develop and offline media buying strategy that compliments your online campaigns. It will focus on reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, for the right investment to maximize value

Creative Production or Review

We can provide content for your ads, or give on the creative you want to run to ensure your ads will make an impact once they are distributed.

Negotiations & Purchasing

Our team is made up of industry experts with over 20 years of experience buying and selling media. We really know how to talk to sellers because we used to be them

Identify Value-Add Opportunities

Sometime we can negotiate earned PR coverage and celebrity endorsements in tandem with media buys

Placement Monitoring & Evaluation

Your media agreements are evaluated monthly to ensure your ad placements were delivered at optimal times and as contracted

Integrate Coverage with SEO

If digital PR coverage is included, we will ensure high quality links from reputable publications are requested to fuel your organic rankings

TV, Radio, Print & Offline Media Buys Are Still Powerful

There is some discussion that offline advertising isn’t relevant anymore. Many businesses simply opt for online ads because they are more trackable and can be updated on the fly. But, offline advertising can add a huge amount of credibility to a brand, increase reach substantially and draw new prospects into your funnel. Today it’s not about one or the other. When online and offline advertising efforts are combined, the compounded results can be tremendous.

  • Maximize campaign reach and boost brand awareness
  • Increase campaign return on investment and/or trigger direct response
  • Unite online and offline audiences
  • Get your ads noticed; break through digital noise
  • Add credibility to your brand by being featured on mass media channels like TV, magazines, billboards and popular radio stations
  • Trigger positive emotional sentiment
  • Fuel inbound marketing efforts by casting a wider net and generating the highest quality links

Why OneCore Media?

We have over 20 years of experience in both selling and buying offline media

We combine offline and online media buying holistically into one strategy for maximum impact and cohesion

We take an audience approach instead of a channel approach to target the right people as they move throughout their day, across different mediums

We are not only media buyers. Our team is also comprised of strategists and creative directors who can improve campaign engagement and performance.

We help you protect yourself from overspending on poor targeting and low GRP offers

We increase transparency in the offline media buying process by taking advantage of our account management services and technology

We provide tailored and uniquely integrated media buy strategies

We Work With All Major & Minor Networks

After working with media buys for over 20 years with all major and most minor networks, we’ve built solid relationships. Here are just a few of the channels we use:

Talk to one of our offline media buying specialists to discover how you can transcend digital.