Media Buys


Our comprehensive Media Audit equips you with strategic insights that drive action. We conduct a detailed analysis of your business, industry, and competitors, identifying opportunities and deficiencies. With this valuable information, we develop and implement a data-driven strategy tailored to achieve your brand’s goals.

Media Strategy

Our approach, experience, partnerships and tools allow us to create data-driven integrated media strategies. All your channels must work together to create an ROI-focused solution. We continuously strategize and refine your media strategy after our specialists learn, gather data, and test. With this process, we ensure the highest success rate and plan meticulously for the future.


We create comprehensive plans for how to spend your media budget most effectively; we analyze each platform, campaign, creative and more. By making informed decisions and planning for the future backed by data, we create more effective solutions that generate greater ROI and value for our brands.

SEM Media

Led by experienced paid media experts, our SEM Media Buying delivers impactful search engine advertising. Integrated with the holistic marketing mix, our campaigns drive inquiries, leads, customers, and increased traffic cost-effectively. We specialize in strategic distribution to qualified users, maximizing conversions and outcomes across search, YouTube, shopping, and retargeting channels.

Social Media

Crafted by our paid social experts, One Core’s social media buying focuses on audience-focused solutions, guiding your target market through a unique customer journey with compelling content and creatives. This approach generates awareness and conversions within social platforms, seamlessly integrating within your media mix, offering a powerful marketing addition for your online brand.

Programmatic Media Buying

Elevate your digital presence through Programmatic Media Buying, utilizing global data providers for data-driven solutions that precisely target and deliver tailored messages across diverse formats such as Display, Native, Video, Connected TV, Digital Audio, and Digital Out-Of-Home. The combination of data, formats and publisher relationships allows us to secure exclusive brand deals. This lets us break through the noise and display your ads to the right audience each time.

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