Our team

We work with specialists who are as diverse as our client’s marketing needs. In fact, we have over 40 full-time specialists in-house.

We’ve optimized our high-performance roster over the years by working on hundreds of marketing projects across Canada and the US. Naturally, projects differ in their specific requirements, and meeting them all has allowed us to grow organically.

Over time we have welcomed many successful niche specialists onboard, and take tremendous pride in our team.

Our client’s goals are of paramount importance to us. We’re committed to doing exactly what it takes to grow their businesses, that’s why we’re not exclusive to any set of online tactics or channels in particular.

Our people are the number one reason our clients recommend us.

We know that the perfect strategy is only as good as its execution, and we are committed to getting results.

To us, there is no such thing as compromise when it comes to talent.

Our Team is Fully Certified In: