We believe that the most important aspect of digital marketing is having a firm strategy in place. Understanding your industry’s landscape and seeing how you compare to your competitors creates a solid foundation to then build successful tactics in all facets of digital marketing. To ensure you have the right plan in place, we’ve produced a number of products that will create the pathway to achieving maximum exposure in the digital space. Our experienced team does all of the work for you, compiling complex data to deliver strategies you can count on to give you an advantage over your competition:

Keyword & Topic Research

Knowing which words your prospects and audience are searching for when looking for your services is the difference between ranking near the top of Google searches in your industry – and utter irrelevance. Research in topics can help us identify the keywords and article ideas you need to stimulate and maintain organic growth in search results.

Paid Search Audit & Strategy

Our in-depth audit and strategy services allows us to unearth potential opportunities and weaknesses in your current paid search plan. While we can help you realign your budget to remove wasteful spending, we can also unearth other opportunities to help you take that budget and divert it to take advantage of weaknesses in the paid search strategies of your competition.

Social Media Assessment & Strategy

Merely having Facebook and Twitter Pages or an Instagram account isn’t enough. Are you utilizing these channels to the fullest? Our professionals can help you take a look at your current social media practices and create a roadmap outlining what you need to do to connect, engage and convert your audience on social media.

Content Marketing Assessment & Strategy

Telling a great story means nothing if the audience on the other end isn’t interested in hearing it. Let us take a look at how you’re delivering content and devise a plan for you to tell your brand story to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

Buyer Persona Research

Knowing who your target audience is, at this point, isn’t enough. Do you know their concerns? Do you know when they’re online? Our buyer persona research takes a deep dive into the mindset and behaviour of the people you’re looking to reach. We provide insight into their habits so that your content and marketing strategies are in-line with their pain points and daily routines.

eCommerce Strategy

Our eCommerce Strategy solution takes into account all aspects of eCommerce. Technology, people and how they interact with one another. Understanding the behaviour of each allows us to then plan for you to attract and convert leads to grow your business.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Converting prospects into clients and then into loyal brand ambassadors can be as easy as having the right messaging in place at each step of the customer journey. Leveraging technology to work in your favour after gathering valuable insights allows us to map out your customer journey – and most importantly, how you can engage and connect with people at various parts of the sales funnel.