How We Won Agency of the Year

While we love award season because there are few things better than getting acknowledgment from our peers for our hard work, the real reward is making a difference in our clients' business. In order to do that, it's so important to take the time to dig deep into their growth strategies. From bottom line revenue goals to competitive opportunities and their ability to successfully fulfill the business that we deliver, we make sure we understand the details that will make a real impact.

Well integrated, omni-channel campaigns deliver more qualified leads, a lower cost-per-acquisition, improved customer experience, and best results. That's why, to contend for Agency of the Year, we took each of these points into consideration - and we are honoured that Ad World Masters awarded us with the title!

Getting Results Means Having A Deep Understanding of Client Goals

In the agency world, the phrase "getting results" gets tossed around a lot. Most often the "results" clients come in asking for are leads. The challenge with this is it places too narrow a focus on what exactly needs to be achieved to deliver the transformative impact many businesses are looking for from a marketing investment. For example, leads are one thing, qualified leads are another, and an increase in sales for a particular product or service is different again.

It's critical to ask the right questions during the onboarding phase to ensure that campaigns are properly designed to do what needs to be done to achieve growth goals. Investigating the current state of the business, realistically setting revenue goals, and understanding clients' internal capacity for fulfillment is essential for setting achievable KPIs that align agency strategists and client stakeholders from the start. Only once this essential blueprint is established can agencies begin to develop a go to market plan and strategy that will achieve the "results" clients need and produce award winning marketing campaigns.

Truly Integrated Campaigns Make a Huge Difference

Something we hear time and time again from our clients is that many of the agencies they interview claim to market across multiple channels like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, industry publications, email, TV, print, radio, and others, but struggle to explain how each channel works together to optimize for KPIs like cost-per-acquisition and the lifetime value of their customers.

There seems to be a definitive gap between creative agencies who produce amazing content, digital agencies who drive leads through search and social, and bottom-line ROI. Presumably it's because each tend to focus on specific KPIs that rarely include these (CPA and LTV) performance metrics. For example, traffic and leads are the most common KPIs that digital agencies focus on, while creative agencies tend to remain fixated on awareness and engagement. Both of these approaches are absolutely essential for marketing success, but the narrow focus of each can distract teams from optimizing campaigns around the main goals of the client: driving more revenue, in the most efficient manner, to get the best value out of their investment and scale their company.

That's why at OneCore we place a major focus on leveraging technology to integrate each channel and collect the right data to improve user experience (who sees which targeted, dynamic messages and when) to drastically improve campaign performance across the board. By integrating campaigns this way we are able to get a complete view of the customer journey in one centralized place and use that perspective to continuously optimize performance around a business's most important goals.

The customer journey has changed. Today, people rarely see a TV ad or a digital ad and drop everything to pick up the phone and book a consultation or make a purchase. People are accustomed to taking more steps in their decision making process. Plus, clicks and traffic are more expensive than ever. Having a simple landing page and Google AdWords campaign are no longer enough to deliver a competitive (or attractive) ROI.

It is essential to plan campaigns that reach people with the right messages at the right times and follow up with automation that is completely customized to their personal preferences and behaviour. While people want to maintain their anonymity and privacy, they have also come to expect personalized communications that reflect the information they have provided at each touch point, and their most pressing needs. They simply do not have the time or attention span for anything less.

Our Work In Action

One of our clients is a leading provider of robotic and ambulatory surgery centers across the US. When they came to us they had been struggling to schedule enough surgeries to meet their targets due to HIPAA and Google restrictions on medical marketing. They also had the challenge of attracting and capturing qualified leads as they only accept patients who have specific insurance types, making it extremely difficult to target them online. Additionally, they were losing a lot of revenue due to lead churn since their sales follow-up process was disjointed and they lacked a marketing automation and sales solution that would convert more of the leads that were entering their pipeline into patients.

We were able to optimize their marketing campaigns to reduce their overall cost per patient acquisition by 288%!

Discover Exactly How We Did It:

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Our Agency of the Year Award

Ad World Masters Agency of the Year award looked at over 4000 Canadian agencies to select their Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients. Eligible agencies had until December 31st 2019 to try their best to be listed as Agency Of The Year 2019. OneCore Media is thrilled to have been awarded Silver.

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