Novajet is a privately owned, private jet company that charters flights and provides maintenance and acquisition services for their high-end clientele. They have worked with Onecore Media for the past 10 years in order to reach the following goals:

Grow the company’s
online presence
increase revenue
Create an image of their brand as a high-end, boutique private jet company

In order to reach these targets for Novajet, we suggested that OneCore implement the following solutions:

Organic presence
Social media
Marketing automation
(emails, lead nurturing)
Web redesign
Content marketing
Paid search campaigns (AdWords,
LinkedIn, Bing, Display Ads)
Landing pages,
banners, infographics

OneCore helped Novajet to not only to meet, but exceed their goals. We created several channels that now generate a large amount of high-quality leads, which increased revenue by over 300%. Our social media content specialist, combined with organic optimization, put Novajet in the spotlight and significantly increased their brand awareness. The marketing automation that OneCore provided helped Novajet to provide excellent customer service and improve client retention, all while saving the employee’s time by providing more efficient tools.

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