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Expertise in Home Improvement
For over 25 years, One Core Media has been the trusted partner for home improvement businesses, elevating lead generation, appointment conversions, and revenue streams.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Success
Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, we craft personalized solutions addressing distinct needs, goals, and challenges, ensuring we surpass set targets.

Integrated Growth Marketing Strategies
Our profound understanding of the home improvement sector includes precision in targeted traffic, lead generation, user experience optimization, enhanced conversions, online sales, cost-effective acquisitions, improved sales processes, and effective PR and brand management to drive business growth.

Our Holistic Solution

Realizing growth in the home improvement sector involves a comprehensive and strategic approach. At One Core Media, we adopt a unique framework that integrates marketing, sales, and technology to cover the entire customer journey.

Rather than treating these three components as separate services, we take a holistic view of your challenges and tailor customized solutions that develop growth and optimize outcomes for your brand.

Whether collaborating closely with your organization or functioning as an independent dedicated team, our integrated tactics ensure seamless synergy among all elements, resulting in compounded returns on your growth investments.

Look Good

with visual storytelling that packs a punch.

  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Web Development

Get Recognized

with a custom strategy that drives engagement at every touchpoint.

  • Media Buys
  • SEO
  • Broadcast & Print


with data-driven insights that streamline your growth.

  • Data & Analytics
  • Technology
  • Outbound Sales

that trust

Canadian Choice
Custom Contracting
Big City Windows
Canadian Tire
Medallion Fence

Case Study


What started off as a small windows & doors business quickly grew to a national home brand, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors with offices across Canada.

When One Core Media initially engaged, there was only one location and a very traditional process to generating new business. Canadian Choice was finding it difficult to establish an online presence in a highly competitive windows and doors industry.

Today Canadian Choice is a leading national brand with 7 locations across Canada with continuous plans for expansion.

Our Approach

1. Unique Brand Building

  • Exclusive product + influencer partnership
  • Strengthened credibility for new markets

2. Journey-Focused Marketing

  • Mapped customer journey
  • Created dynamic marketing assets
  • Implemented impactful media buys

3. CRM for Seamless Sync

  • CRM system for marketing-sales harmony
  • Enhanced overall performance

4. SEO Mastery

  • Crafted and executed top-ranking SEO strategy

5. Proactive Reputation Management

  • PR strategies for industry leadership
  • Reputation management for a strong brand image

6. Cutting-Edge Media Buys

  • Introduced advanced TV and radio campaigns
  • Elevated brand visibility and engagement



Increased market share by 52% and helped expand into 6 additional locations across Canada


Improved conversion rate between leads to appointments by 44% by implementing sales and marketing automation solutions


Decreased CPL by 3x in each new region through media funnel optimizations


Improved conversions from appointment to sale by 20% through strategic PR partnerships, reputation management and brand awareness


Achieved top organic ranking in 100+ cities across Canada for competitive keywords


Updated brand identity and web optimizations resulted in improved conversation rate by 392% from traffic to leads

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